Top 5 best camera Brands

Thinking to install security cameras in your place? Well, keeping an eye on your home must be the thing everyone wants. Either you rent the place or you own it. So you must be looking for the best security camera system to install in your house. Either you are searching for it because you want to look after your family. Or you just want to watch your house. Whatever your needs are. We better help you find the exact one as per your needs. And for that, here’s our review for the top 5 brands you can easily trust.


canon camera

Canon no doubt is one of the old-line worldwide pioneers in the photograph business. Attempting to pick the best Canon camera from its broad determination can be a hard choice. There’s a tremendous scope of choices you have in Canon. It includes minimal cameras, mirrorless, and DSLRs. There are a lot of different options Canon has got for you. But that all rely upon the kind of photographer you are. Which type of photography you do? What is your level of photography? Canon cameras exist at all closures of the client scale. Plus if you are hoping to get a camera under your budget. One which is simple to use, perfect for casual events. Canon for sure has got something for you. But it also has got dope cameras for professionals too.


  • As it is the most used and famous brand, so they provide a lot of help and support for you.
  • Lenses of course are for sure the brilliant.
  • You can be sure it’s safe investing your money for buying one.


  • Speed problem has been caught in some compact cameras.
  • The cost of the camera might seem high.
  • They work more on their advertising rather than lowing the price.
  • Not grasping mirrorless.


Sony camera

Opposed to the Canon and Nikon, Sony has adopted another strategy. Leaving the DSLR line and focusing on the mirrorless and compact camera. Sony doesn’t have a film history; they began creating advanced cameras during the 80s. They are regularly among the first to deliver new advances. Sony was the first to deliver innovation like breadth panoramas. They also released a few distinctive sensor technologies. Those sensors make the cameras what they are today.

One of their big achievement is making the first full-outline mirrorless camera. That camera was named as A7. The brand has a couple of more moderate mirrorless alternatives. Some of them got the “smallest yet” title at the hour of their delivery. Sony has although got a magnificent compact camera line. Their shopper point-and-shoots have been good in the past too. But nowadays in the market, it has got less consideration. And keeping in mind that their zooms aren’t our top decisions. But you won’t be disappointed either.


  • Got a quite good image quality.
  • Image stabilization feature helps you a lot while shooting videos.
  • Eye autofocus feature is continuously working.


  • The charging process takes more time.
  • It doesn’t have budget lenses.
  • Has got only one SD card slot.


nikon camera

Nikon is one of the most notable camera brands. Nikon brand has got a long and brilliant history. Nikon made their own Nikon lens line in 1962. They presented an all-climate camera the next year. Other than simply being a moderate section point, Nikon’s DSLRs best of all. They are known for their superb picture quality. Low light execution has seen enormous enhancements in the previous years. Many experts use and support Nikon’s full-outline cameras. They are available in a wide scope of options.

Nikon has an interesting mirrorless setup. It is assigned essentially with a “1”. The 1 is for the 1-inch sensor. This sensor is smaller than other mirrorless cameras. But why would you prefer the smaller sensor? While that might push you towards a bit less resolution. But the speed of Nikon 1 cameras is amazing. While most people would pay for Nikon DSLR. Because their DSLR cameras are really good. At the same time, their compact cameras seem more like hit and miss. More Nikon compact cameras are making it better. They are improving it for a couple of years.


  • Image quality seems solid.
  • Build structure is excellent.
  • Fast and speedy performance.


  • Experience in connecting the camera is low.
  • Might be expensive.


Pentax camera

Pentax is one of those cherished brand names that motivate confidence. They provide dedication among its followers. That’s the result of its designing greatness and incentive for cash. But, it has been generally missing from the camera market as of late. Has it slipped into a coma? Will their life uphold be turned off in a matter of seconds?

Pentax was all-around late to the digital world. They were likewise ahead of schedule into mirrorless. They delivered their mirrorless model Q in 2011. Medium-design cameras offer a really awesome goal. But they also come close by a troublesome trade-off. But that changes with the Pentax 645Z camera.

But as compared to other brands like Nikon, Sony, and Canon. Pentax is missing out on the new technologies. There is no new focal lens mount. Probably the development path is MIA too. Though other brands are eventually leading out there future. Pentax does have designing greatness and a mirrorless arrangement. But it has stayed quite.


  • Has the best APS-C sensor.
  • It is lighter and smaller.


  • Video quality is just okay.


GoPro Action

The brand ‘GoPro’ is commonly known for action cameras. The organization has been making all around regarded cameras. They are T3-Award-winning cameras for a long time. Since the mounts are largely tradable. There every product has been somewhat improved. That’s why there’s no wrong answer to the subject of which GoPro to buy. At its best, the GoPro is a phenomenal bit of unit. These little and incredibly tough little cameras offer amazing quality video and sound.

Without a doubt, the best GoPro for your particular needs probably won’t be the most recent and best. But that is the one with the most impressive specs. Picking the right one might be confusing. Well, it is tied to the features you want.


  • They are small, so they fit basically anywhere.
  • Good to use in rough areas.


  • Haven’t got much battery life.
  • Controls aren’t much responsive.

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